Problem General Liability Exclusions

Your agent is the one to help you avoid them Most General Liability insurance carriers are wary of insuring contractors because of the high frequency and severity of construction defect claims that have occurred nationwide. As a result, many insurance carriers,Read The Full Article »

Green Building Insurance Challenges

Understanding what your policy covers As mentioned in “Green Building Risk Management Obstacles”, there are many potential risks involved in the emerging field of green building. Current insurance policy forms may not provide adequate coverage for all green building risks atRead The Full Article »

Liability Risks for Green Construction

Green certification is a way to gain third-party, independent, and international recognition that a project produces less waste, conserves water and energy, supports the health of its occupants, stamps a smaller carbon footprint, and is socially responsible.The risks of greenRead The Full Article »

Consequences of Decreases in Building Activity

Decreases often trigger a rise in losses According to Insurance Journal Magazine, dramatic increases or decreases in residential and commercial building activity growth could trigger a rise in construction defect or Workers’ Compensation claims. States that are noted to beRead The Full Article »