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Why Choose SADLER for Contractor Insurance?


You submit 1 simple form, and we'll quickly send you quotes from our A rated insurance carriers for contractors. We also make it very easy for you to find the best price for your insurance with monthly payment plans.


Our special contractor insurance department will help you find the policy that provides the protection you need, and can answer any questions you have to help you feel confident about your coverage.


To save you big money every year on your premiums, our educational articles and videos provide easy to understand training for your back office staff, to eliminate common but very expensive mistakes.


Helping You Protect Your Contractor Business With Specialized
Insurance Designed for Home Builders and Contractors

As a contractor, you know that your business is subject to many risks, most of which are out of your control and can cause tremendous damage to both projects and to the financial stability of your business.

Employee injuries, lawsuits, weather, theft, and vandalism are only a few of the more obvious risks you face as a builder or contractor… consider also the risk of a sub-contractor having an accident on your job site Anipots.com, or the possibility that a sub-contractor could make a critical mistake that costs you money and time to repair.

At Sadler Insurance, we make it our number one priority to provide you with top of the line insurance policies from “A” rated carriers. Beyond that, our policies are uniquely designed to protect you from the risks you face as a builder or contractor.

Don’t let factors you can’t control destroy the security of your future. Protect yourself and your business with the solid contractor insurance policies you need.

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Offering the best terms available for lowest premiums and coverage flexibility

Complete just one simple application form and get competitive quotes from the leading insurance carriers in your industry that specialize in liability coverage for construction businesses and contractors.


Providing You With More Than Insurance To Help You Avoid Expensive Mistakes

We don’t just stop with providing you great insurance coverage at Sadler. Construction Contractor Liability Insurance CoverageOur goal is to help you preserve the financial security of your business, and a large part of that is giving you resources to help you avoid the situations that can lead to significant expenses.

We offer articles and resources to help you maximize efficiency, reduce liability, and prevent costly mistakes in the following areas:

  • Properly Collecting Certificates of Insurance
  • Properly Deducting from Uninsured Subs
  • How To Survive the Dreaded Audit
  • Exclusions & Limitations in Insurance Policies
  • Workers’ Compensation Mistakes
  • Protect Yourself Against Construction Defect Claims
  • …and much more
Builders Risk 101

Most builders don’t realize the reason why builders risk insurance is so important. This covers all the important info about builders risk that you need to know, including which policies are needed at a minimum, and more.Read more

Our “Before You Sign The Contract” Service

One of the most common vulnerabilities contractors face is in the paperwork they sign. Certain terms and conditions in agreements can put contractors at high risk should a mistake, delay, or unfortunate event occur.Read more

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Offering the best terms available for lowest premiums and coverage flexibility

Complete just 1 simple application and get quotes from the leading insurance carriers that specialize in contractor insurance.

Specialized Insurance Coverage for Construction Contractors
  • Home Builders Insurance
  • Remodelers Insurance
  • Special Trade Contractor Insurance
  • Electrical Contractor Insurance
  • Plumbing & HVAC Contractor Insurance
  • Excavation Contractor Insurance
  • Carpenter Insurance
  • Landscaping Insurance
  • Light Commercial General Contractor Insurance

About John Sadler

John M. Sadler
Contractor Insurance Specialist
Risk Manager
Licensed Attorney

John M. Sadler, President of protectingcontractors.com (a division of Sadler & Company, Inc.) graduated Magna Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa from the University of South Carolina in 1983 with degrees in Insurance and Finance. He graduated from the University of South Carolina School of Law in 1986. He has served on the board of directors of the Home Builders Association of Greater Columbia and is a published author and speaker on contractor insurance and risk management topics. You can take advantage of his experience and expertise in protecting your business at the lowest possible cost.