How to Properly Deduct from Uninsured Subcontractors

Making deductions can be complicated and one mistake can be costly. Doing things right from the get go is the key when making deductions or withholdings from uninsured subcontractors. I can’t stress enough the importance of this function as oneRead The Full Article »

Workplace Safety Policy Includes a Return-to-Work Plan

Safety policies aren’t just about preventing injuries. Work injury prevention programs on the job site should be the number priority of any workplace safety policy. But did you know you can also prevent unnecessary costs by developing a return-to-work programRead The Full Article »

Safety Costs to Soar Over New OSHA Regulations

New guidelines being proposed on exposure to toxic silica Safety costs will soar for construction companies if a proposed Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulation requiring tighter limits on toxic silica exposure goes into effect. According to OSHA, inhalationRead The Full Article »

Common Respiratory Dangers on Construction Jobsites

In the construction industry you rely on your body, so you know the importance of taking care of it the best you can. Glasses for your eyes, boots for your feet and gloves for your hands. But what are youRead The Full Article »