Top Traffic Ticket Excuses

How they impact commercial Auto Insurance

Ignorance may be bliss, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to get you or your staff out of a ticket.  Police officers have heard every excuse in the books, so much so that they can probably finish your sentence Auto insurance ratesbefore you’ve even managed to utter the “I” in the “I didn’t know.”’s recently released “Ticketmasters” survey which gives a rundown of the top excuses used by drivers pulled over for a traffic violation, including in the case of drug use, for this you can  get a lawyer to help with this, from an online site which you can navigate here. Count ‘em down here and let us give you a few tips on how your company’s driving record can affect your commercial auto insurance rates.

Top 11 Excuses

11. I’m just helping a friend out. I wasn’t even supposed to be driving. 2.2%

10. I’m just doing what my GPS told me. 2.2%

9. I’m on my way to an emergency. 4%

8. I wasn’t doing anything dangerous. 4.2%

7. I have to use the bathroom. 4.6%

6. I missed my turn/exit. 4.8%

5. I’m dealing with an emergency (i.e. spilled hot drink or bee in car). 5.4%

4. Everyone else was doing it. 6.4%

3. I didn’t know it was broken. 12.4%

2. I’m lost and unfamiliar with the roads. 15.6%

1. I couldn’t see the sign. 20.4%

Keeping your record clean

Ever heard of a Motor Vehicle Report? It’s an official document that you or your employer may request from the Department of Motor Vehicles that provides information about your driving record. It includes basics like name, gender, and date of birth, as well as any special license endorsements, restrictions, and traffic ticket information.

Insurance carriers use this information to evaluate your driving history so they can set your insurance rates at the appropriate amount. MVRs are also commonly used to screen prospective job applicants who will be driving company vehicles as an essential duty of their position. Too many tickets on an MVR can result in higher insurance rates and even derail your employment opportunities if the carrier doesn’t offer coverage.

If you are interested in receiving suggested driver disqualification criteria, please contact us.

And remember: Drive safe and keep the excuses to a minimum!

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