3 Roofing and Remodeling Safety Tips

And how they result in more client referrals

Your professionalism as a remodeler can go a long way toward customer satisfaction and can lead to moreContractor Insurance referrals. Successful remodelers with happy customers follow these tips:

Safety Tip #1: Communicate

Offering information to customers up front is critical in gaining their trust. Having open lines of communication establishes an expectation for both parties and can be a way to prime the pump for future referrals.

Make sure to inform your customers about your hiring practices. Let them know you run criminal background checks as part of your pre-employment screening process. Not only is it good to run criminal background checks for your company’s employment records, but this can bring some piece of mind to customers who are not thrilled about having strangers in their home.

Also let subcontractors and customers know what to expect during the remodel. Discuss where the work site ends and the family living space begins. Pointing out dangers to both parties is a good way to remind your employees and your customers of the hazards associated with remodeling a home.

Safety Tip #2: Keep a clean work site

If you are in a new property make sure to clear the land to leave it perfect and ready, look for Land Clearing Near Me and find the best companies for clearing your land and other services. Call a trenching company that can help you lay the groundwork for rebuilding your home. Make sure that at the end of each day all tools are stored correctly, cords are off the floor, and scraps and trash are picked up and thrown away. This shows the customer that you respect their living space. It also can protect your customer from job site hazards or injuries associated with your presence in their home. Keeping the job site clean will earn you huge bonus points with your customer and can be a major factor in their willingness to refer you to others.

Safety Tip #3: Prevent accidents

Falls are one of the most common construction insurance claims. Keep your employees and your customers safe by always using OSHA-compliant ramps or stairs and make sure entrances and exits are sturdy and safe to use during the renovation. Install temporary rails on any unprotected openings, including open-sided stairs, landings, large windows, and second story decks or lookouts, including a roofing remodel materials. To help keep your customer or customers’ family away from dangers on the remodel jobsite use orange safety fencing, guardrails, and warning signs throughout the construction, visit website to learn more about roofing.

Taking the time and effort to prevent injuries during a remodel shows customers that you are looking out for their best interest. If an outside inspector drops by, your attention to safety can win you a professional recommendation from a trusted expert in your industry.

Getting more referrals

The number one way to get more remodeling referrals is to ask for them. After a job is complete do a simple survey asking customers how they rate your service, and workmanship. At the end of the survey ask them if they would refer you to a friend, followed by a place to put a referral’s name and contact information.

Other simple ways to keep your remodeling customers happy is to not smoke on the job site or near entrances to the home. Stay off of cell phones in or directly outside of the home. Wiping your shoes before entering a customer’s home or, better yet, put down protective floor covers while the remodel is in process.

Your customers will appreciate you hiring professionals to work in their home, keeping the job site clean and keeping them safe during their remodel.

Source: South Carolina Builder Journal, 2013, “Remodelers Need Risk Managers, Too.”
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