A Case for HBW 2-10 Warranty

Why not all the criticism is justified The HBW 2-10 and other home owner warranty products have been criticized for, among other things, not being broad enough in their coverage and not paying out enough in claim dollars. The authorsRead The Full Article »

Builder’s Duty to Homeowner Warranty

Court rules warranty cannot waive duty to build in workmanlike manner The Ohio Supreme Court ruled that a builder’s duty to construct in a workmanlike manner can’t be waived by the terms of a limited homeowner’s warranty agreement between aRead The Full Article »

Builder Lawsuits in South Carolina

Implied warranties and tort liability We came across a fantastic article that outlines the various theories of recovery against residential builders in South Carolina under implied warranty and tort liability. South Carolina has strong pro homeowner case law and builders needRead The Full Article »

Builder General Liability Exclusions

A Brief History The building industry is constantly experimenting with new building products and techniques in an effort to reduce costs, become more efficient, and to add value. Sometimes these products don’t stand the test of time as unforeseen problemsRead The Full Article »