Sadler Client Profile: Top Hat Sweepers

Chimney Sweep protects your home and it’s value

Ron Rust, owner of Top Hat Sweepers has been a Sadler & Co. client for more than 20 years, purchasing Top HatGeneral Liability ,Workers’ Compensation and other policies. He has performed chimney sweep services at my house on a number of occasions, always showing up in his full dress uniform, much to the delight of my children and neighbors. Ron is a real professional and can take care of any problem with the fireplace and chimney. Ron combines  the tried and true chimney sweep techniques and tolls with modern technology, taking a laparoscopic picture of the inside of the chimney (just to show how clean it is!) and printing out a hard copy on location.

Here is what Ron has to say about the industry:

The chimney sweeping industry has grown and become much more than what most people ever think about when they sit next to a nice, cozy fire in their home for a few hours of enjoyment or when they heat their home burning wood or using gas appliances other than your gas pack furnace. There is now a nationally recognized training school provided by the National Chimney Sweep Guild and a nationally recognized certification that chimney sweeps can obtain from the Chimney Safety Institute of America. This certification requires knowledge of the National Fire Protection Standards and IRC Standards, and consumers can visit the web site and enter their zip code and find a certified chimney sweep in their area.

There are no requirements to start a chimney sweep business other than buying a business license, a brush, and a vacuum, so homeowners need to be sure to check for CSIA. Most people do not realize how much their fireplaces and chimneys are worth. A one-story all masonry chimney with one fireplace has an average value of $18,000. But if you consider that they are part of a home which may be worth $150,000 or more, you’ll want to protect your investment by properly maintaining it and preventing premature weathering and water damage. Having your fireplace inspected and swept should be a regular part of maintenance on your home. If you burn more than a truck load of wood per year we recommend annual inspection, and even if you don’t use your fireplace but a few times a year you should have it inspected every 2 to 3 years. The National Fire Protection Association recommends annual inspections of all fireplace systems.

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