Injuries at Employer-provided Housing

Are they covered under Workers’ Compensation In the case at hand, a migrant worker was injured when he fell on a wet sidewalk at housing supplied by his employer. The bunkhouse rule was argued and the rule acknowledges that there are circumstancesRead The Full Article »

Coffee Break Covered Under Workers’ Comp

In the case at hand, a New Jersey plumber was injured in an auto accident while driving to take a coffee break, with the permission of his employer.  He was injured while driving a company vehicle.  The plumber’s appointment wasRead The Full Article »

Decreasing Workers’ Compensation Premiums

Increasing loss ratios One factor that insurance companies use to underwrite your contractors Workers’ Compensation insurance policy is loss ratio.  Simply put, your loss ratio is the dollar amount of losses divided by premium.  A contractor with a loss of $10,000Read The Full Article »

Unsigned Certificate of Insurance

Validity requires signature The South Carolina Supreme Court ruled in Barton v. Higgs that an unsigned certificate of insurance evidencing Workers’ Compensation is not valid unless it is dated, signed, and issued by an authorized representative of the insurance carrier.Read The Full Article »