Court Rules on Damage Caused By Faulty Work

Court cases nationwide are split on the issue of whether or not construction defects are considered as occurances.

Builder Lawsuits in South Carolina

Implied warranties and tort liability We came across a fantastic article that outlines the various theories of recovery against residential builders in South Carolina under implied warranty and tort liability. South Carolina has strong pro homeowner case law and builders needRead The Full Article »

Rehearing on Crossmann v. Harleysville Ordered

Contractors looking for state supreme court reversal On March 9, 2011, the South Carolina Supreme Court granted a petition for a rehearing on the controversial Crossmann v. Harleysville decision, which was the subject matter of two prior blog posts.* Hopefully,Read The Full Article »

Crossmann is a Bad Decision for S.C. Contractors

Bill aims to counter Crossmann ruling and force General Liability Policies to cover construction defects The recent Crossmann decision by the South Carolina Supreme Court is a bad decision that distorts the intent of the drafters of the General Liability policy andRead The Full Article »