Bad Decision in Crossmann v. Harleysville Case

Court ruling is detrimental to builders and homeowners in South Carolina In the recent case of Crossmann v. Harleysville filed on January 7, 2011, the South Carolina Supreme Court ruled that faulty workmanship that results in property damage to a builder’sRead The Full Article »

Homeowners Policy and Chinese Drywall Damage

A federal judge has ruled that a homeowner’s insurance policy does not have to pay for damages caused by faulty Chinese drywall.  With Chinese drywall continuing to be a concern for homeowners, the judge’s ruling could affect how thousands of lawsuits byRead The Full Article »

Builder General Liability Exclusions

A Brief History The building industry is constantly experimenting with new building products and techniques in an effort to reduce costs, become more efficient, and to add value. Sometimes these products don’t stand the test of time as unforeseen problemsRead The Full Article »

Property Damage to Non-faulty Work

S.C. Supreme Court reaffirms ruling on “no occurrence” Home builders in South Carolina are still partially protected under the standard General Liability policy form against the “no occurrence” claim denial strategy used by many insurance carriers to totally deny workmanship claims for both faulty andRead The Full Article »