S.C. Supreme Court Rules on Protecting Negligent Contractors

S.C. builders can’t be shielded by LLC status The South Carolina Supreme Court ruled on April 4, 2012 in 16 Jade Street v. R. Design Co., LLC, et al.  ruled that a member of a limited liability company, or LLC,Read The Full Article »

S.C. Supreme Court Reverses Crossmann

Decision tackles progressive property damage under successive carriers We’ve posted several articles about the South Carolina Supreme Court’s terrible decision in Crossmann v. Harleysville and the resulting involvement of the South Carolina Legislature in enacting a statute to overturn this decision.Read The Full Article »

S.C. Legislature Enacts Anti-Crossmann Law

Restores General Liability Intent As discussed in a number of previous articles, the recent South Carolina Supreme Court made a horrible decision on Crossmann v. Harleysville. It perverted the intent of the drafters of the General Liability policy and createdRead The Full Article »