A Look Back at Chinese Drywall

Three years after the headlines When the southeastern United States suffered from a shortage of building supplies after several major hurricanes, more than 500 million pounds of drywall came from China to build or repair homes in Florida, Louisiana, andRead The Full Article »

Homeowners Policy and Chinese Drywall Damage

A federal judge has ruled that a homeowner’s insurance policy does not have to pay for damages caused by faulty Chinese drywall.  With Chinese drywall continuing to be a concern for homeowners, the judge’s ruling could affect how thousands of lawsuits byRead The Full Article »

Chinese Drywall Problems Are Huge

“The property loss from Chinese drywall could exceed every U.S. hurricane except Katrina and Andrew.” The complaints received by the Consumer Products Safety Commission show that the impact of Chinese drywall will be widespread.  Between 2004-2006, an estimated 500 millionRead The Full Article »

Chinese Drywall Damages Estimated

I came across an excellent article that provides new information on the depth of this crisis. However, I believe that the damage estimates on a per house basis may be too low. “We know that some of the builders areRead The Full Article »