Chinese Drywall Damages Estimated

I came across an excellent article that provides new information on the depth of this crisis. However, I Defective drywallbelieve that the damage estimates on a per house basis may be too low.

“We know that some of the builders are estimating that a minimum remediation will cost at least $75,000 per home with an approximate square footage of 2,000. The cost will go up from there based on square footage and the adequacy of the remediation being suggest.”

“Some observers see this base estimate as extremely conservative, and do not rule out the possibility that a figure twice as big may emerge over time. This possibility cannot be dismissed entirely given the fact that this estimate simply includes materials, fittings and certain items in the home. It does not include health care costs and other expenses incurred by the people living in the homes.”

I encourage you to read the Asia Times article in it’s entirety.

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