Sadler Client Profile: Top Hat Sweepers

Chimney Sweep protects your home and it’s value Ron Rust, owner of Top Hat Sweepers has been a Sadler & Co. client for more than 20 years, purchasing General Liability ,Workers’ Compensation and other policies. He has performed chimney sweepRead The Full Article »

Beware Hold Harmless and Indemnification Provisions

It pays to read and understand the contract you sign Contractors often enter into contracts with third parties such as project owners, subcontractors, equipment lessors, landlords, municipalitiess, etc. that include hold harmless and indemnification provisions. Such a provision requires thatRead The Full Article »

A Case for HBW 2-10 Warranty

Why not all the criticism is justified The HBW 2-10 and other home owner warranty products have been criticized for, among other things, not being broad enough in their coverage and not paying out enough in claim dollars. The authorsRead The Full Article »

Top Traffic Ticket Excuses

How they impact commercial Auto Insurance Ignorance may be bliss, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to get you or your staff out of a ticket.  Police officers have heard every excuse in the books, so much so that theyRead The Full Article »