Surviving the dreaded insurance audit (Infographic)

Being proactive is the key to a painless audit The word audit can strike fear in the in the heart of any business owner. However, educating yourself and your bookkeeping staff on the process and keeping good records throughout theRead The Full Article »

Architect jailed for improper fireplace installation

Cases of architects being prosecuted for criminal negligence are rare, but architects should be concerned about a recent case that led to the death of a firefighter.  Architect violates code when installing fireplace  A California architect was given a one-yearRead The Full Article »

Safety Costs to Soar Over New OSHA Regulations

New guidelines being proposed on exposure to toxic silica Safety costs will soar for construction companies if a proposed Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulation requiring tighter limits on toxic silica exposure goes into effect. According to OSHA, inhalationRead The Full Article »

Home Inspector Dodges Liability

Limitation of liability provision in contract holds up The S.C. Supreme Court upheld the limitation of liability clause in a home inspector’s contract ,which limited his liability to $475 (the cost of the services rendered).  The court found that theRead The Full Article »