Workplace Safety Policy Includes a Return-to-Work Plan

Safety policies aren’t just about preventing injuries. Work injury prevention programs on the job site should be the number priority of any workplace safety policy. But did you know you can also prevent unnecessary costs by developing a return-to-work programRead The Full Article »

Contractors On Job Heat Illness

Signs, symptoms and prevention tips We see you out there building our homes, paving our roads and maintaining our infrastructure. As a contractor, there isn’t much that slows you down. When a job is on the line, you and yourRead The Full Article »

Why Workers’ Comp Claimants Prefer Attorney Representation

The reasons behind needing the assistance of an attorney The three main reasons injured employees hire an attorney when filing Workers’ Compensation claims is lack of workplace trust, fear of the claim being denied, and the severity of the injuryRead The Full Article »

Homeowners Building Their Own Home

Do they need Workers’ Compensation insurance? The answer depends on a number of factors, according to a panel of experts from the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers Association. Some states exempt homeowners building their own home from the requirement to carry WorkersRead The Full Article »