Homeowners Building Their Own Home

Do they need Workers’ Compensation insurance? The answer depends on a number of factors, according to a panel of experts from the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers Association. Some states exempt homeowners building their own home from the requirement to carry WorkersRead The Full Article »

Should Builders Risk Be Placed by the Owner?

Weighing who should purchase the coverage We are routinely asked by our builder clients whether it’s acceptable to have the homeowner purchase and carry the Builders Risk coverage.  The following are some points to ponder: Are your materials covered while inRead The Full Article »

Homeowners Policy and Chinese Drywall Damage

A federal judge has ruled that a homeowner’s insurance policy does not have to pay for damages caused by faulty Chinese drywall.  With Chinese drywall continuing to be a concern for homeowners, the judge’s ruling could affect how thousands of lawsuits byRead The Full Article »