The Cost of Hiring Illegal Aliens

Contractor facing up to $1 million in fines and 10 years

Was it worth it? That is the question Horry County contractor Daron Keith Stalvey is probably asking Contractor Hiring practiceshimself after pleading guilty to hiring illegal immigrants and tax evasion.

The Stalvey Construction Company, Inc. and other small businesses of his were used to conceal earned income. Stalvey billed jobs in the name of his other entities and then claimed Stalvey Construction expenses as tax deductions.

A  May of 2007 search of company records showed that wages were reported for legal workers. However, nothing was reported for the illegal workers, and  Stalvey didn’t ask for or keep records of personal identification. This case was investigated by the IRS and Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which resulted in the arrest and deportation of 13 illegal immigrants.

Source: Myrtle Beach Sun News
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