Implement A Worksite Safety Program

Builders must have a no-nonsense attitude towards workplace safety and one of the best ways to show this to your employees and subs is through a formal, written safety program. One of the best resources that I’ve found is the Builders Mutual Insurance risk management website which is shown on this screen. This fantastic resource has all the specialized information you need to easily customize your own program. It includes a safety program template, safety checklists, and important forms.

The attitude of the builder towards safety can have a profound impact on preventing claims. And remember, just several small claims can jack up your experience modification factor and can result in other loss of credits or discounts from your carrier upon renewal. Even worse, you can find yourself in a position where no insurance carrier wants to volutarily write your coverage and you can be forced into the state assigned risk pool. This in itself will result in rates that are at least 25% higher in most cases.