How To Survive The Dreaded Audit

  • Audit Basics
    Everything you need to know about when an audit will happen, what to expect during the audit, and more.

  • Types of Audits
    There are two types of audits - this article describes both in detail, so you know what to expect for each.

  • Records You Need To Provide
    When reviewing your books to extract needed information on payrolls and amounts paid to subs, auditors generally want to review both your summary records and your source records. This article explains the specific types of information the auditor will request to review.

  • Tax Records You Need To Provide
    After the auditor reviews your company records, they will then compare what they found to your tax records to make sure that everything matches. This article explains exactly what they will be looking for.

  • Important Record Keeping Details
    Tips for keeping your records to make sure you are not overpaying after the audit is complete.

  • Questions Auditor Will Ask
    The auditor will ask a number of questions about your business entities, ownership percentages, operations, changes in your operations, and the states in which you're operating. This article covers some of what you may expect to be asked about.

  • Final Audit Bill
    What to expect after the audit is completed, and all of the information you need to know about making premium payments if the audit finds you owe money.

  • Biggest Audit Mistakes To Avoid
    The 9 most common mistakes contractors & builders make during an audit, and how to avoid turning your audit into a nightmare (by avoiding these mistakes!)