Deducting From Uninsured Subs

  • Deducting From Uninsured Subs: What You Need To Know
    There's a lot to know about how to deduct or withhold from uninsured subs. Its critical that you properly administer this important function because just one small mistake can be very costly. Furthermore, once you've made the mistake, you may not realize it until your audit and by that time it will probably be too late go back to the sub and ask for more money.
  • Example Uninsured Sub Rates Per $100 Of Amounts Paid For Labor
    Note: these examples are based on South Carolina carriers
  • Labor vs Material
    This article explains how you will be charged differently for labor versus material, and how to subsequently charge your sub-contractor.
  • Rules For How To Deduct The Proper Amount
    This article covers the three steps to determining the amount you should deduct from uninsured subs, along with tips to make sure you are deducting enough to cover your expenses.