Collecting Certificates Of Insurance From Insured Subs

  • Certificates Of Insurance: What They Are & Why They Are Important
    This article is an overview of what a certificate of insurance is, the role each party plays in having, issuing, requesting, or reviewing a certificate of insurance, and why understanding how to properly collect these certificates is important.
  • The Two Reasons You Want To Collect Certificates of Insurance
    This article covers the two main reasons why you would want to collect certificates of insurance, what the certificates should indicate, and how long they should be kept on file.
  • Administering The Collection Of COI’s
    Administering the collection of certificates of insurance is a time consuming, but critically important process. It requires a dedicated filing and suspense system. This article describes what elements should go into the system to make this process as simple and efficient as possible.
  • Possible Indications Of COI Fraud And Other Problems
    There's a good bit of Workers' Compensation fraud being committed from various directions. You can protect yourself against fraud and other mistakes and problems by carefully reviewing the certificates of insurance that you collect and by being aware of "red flags".