Privacy Policy

I. Applicability

This Privacy Policy applies to all information generated from this Web site that we (Sadler & Company, Inc.) gather and maintain. It also includes information transmitted to us by telephone, fax, data, or otherwise by one of our affiliates or agents.

This site contains links to Web sites outside of and not under our control. We are not responsible for the privacy practices, the security measures, or the content of any other such Web site not under our control. Our payment processor has their own privacy policy which may be found at: .

II. Our Commitment to Your Privacy

Sadler & Company, Inc. is committed to protecting your privacy, and generally we do not sell, trade or rent your personal information to others. However, sometimes we feel so strongly about the quality of products or services of a strategic partner and the possible benefit to our clients and prospective clients that we may release the following information to such strategic partners: name, address, telephone, and email. You can opt-out at anytime of having us include your information in our communications with third parties. See the following paragraphs for how to opt-out by telling us your preference in a written communication to us.

If you have questions with regard to privacy, send us an email, or write to us at:

Sadler & Company, Inc.

Attn: Privacy Policy

P.O. Box 5866

Columbia, SC 29250-5866 USA

III. Disclosure

A. Why We Collect Information about Applicants

We collect some personal information about applicants for insurance because a person’s particular circumstances directly affect the benefits and premiums available for insurance policy coverage, thus we ask you to disclose a significant amount of personally identifiable information when applying on-line for insurance at any of our sites.

We ask you for personal information in order for us: (1) to verify your identity to guard against identity theft with regard to applications we receive; (2) to be able to provide you with insurance coverage customized for your unique needs; (3) to insure that we received and accurately processed your application; (4) to be able to contact you concerning your application and insurance policies and to deliver your materials to you; (5) to provide ongoing products offers via auto responder and other forms of communication; and (6) to provide ongoing insurance and risk management education via auto responders and other forms of communication.

Before you submit any personally identifiable information, you will be asked if you agree to the disclosure of this information for the purpose of finding you a policy.

B. What Kinds of Information We Collect

Depending on the plan and coverage options you wish to purchase, we may ask for some or all of the following information from you, and we may ask for more information than you provide on your on-line application:

  1. Personal
    We ask for contact name, organization name, address, telephone, fax number, and email address; and, for on-line payment we ask you to provide payment information such as, for example, credit card number and bank ABA number, so that we can process your payment.
  2. Medical
    At present we do not collect medical information, however, should we decide to sell medical coverage in the future, and should your application include a request for medical coverage, we may ask for specific information concerning your medical history to forward to an insurance carrier.

C. How Long We Keep Information We Collect

We reserve the right to keep all information sent to us that is associated with applications for insurance as long as may be necessary for forwarding such information to insurance carriers, for processing payments, and as otherwise required by law. We may post changes to this Privacy Policy on our site from time to time, thus you will be prompted to review this Policy each time prior to submitting any information to us.

D. Third Party Disclosure

We do not currently sell, trade, rent, or otherwise divulge an applicant’s personal information to third parties, other than to disclose your information

  1. to the insurance carriers we contact on your behalf so that such carriers can process your application for insurance, and
  2. to payment systems to process payments you make through us; and
  3. on occasion we may share your name, address, telephone, and email information with our strategic partners.You can opt out of marketing-related third-party disclosure at any time by telling us in writing you wish to Opt Out to reflect your preference. If you have opted-out by telling us in writing that you wish to do so, we will not disclose your information to third-parties who are not either insurance carriers or payment processors, unless we are required to do so by law.

    From time to time we may also provide compiled statistics about our on-line applications, Web site traffic patterns, and similar related data to third parties such as vendors, software developers, and Web designers, however, such data does not personally identify individuals nor is it designed to, thus we have not provided an opt-out mechanism for such statistical disclosure.

    If you do not wish to hear from us, you can remove yourself from our mailing lists at any time by

  4. replying to email we send by inserting the word “remove” in the subject field,
  5. by sending an email request for removal, or
  6. by writing to us at the address above.

E. What We Do with Information We Collect

  1. We send your information as provided on your application to the appropriate insurance carrier for processing.
  2. We send your payment information as provided to the appropriate payment center for processing.
  3. If you have not opted out of marketing-related information disclosure, we may contact you from time to time with opportunities we believe may be of interest to you, and we may share certain of your information with our strategic partners. You may Opt Out of this use of your information at any time.

F. Information Security

We utilize technology in our on-line application process that requires applicants to use Internet browser software supporting high-level SSL (Secure Socket Layer) with 128-bit encryption. Information that you submit to us via our on-line applications, including credit card information and bank ABA number, is protected in this way, and as well by our use of a digital certificate. Digital certificates are signed by a trust authority and verify to whom data is being sent. The digital certificate we utilize for SSL encryption is provided by Comodo. Comodo?s root certificate is trusted by over 99% of all current browsers comprising all Internet Explorer 5.00 and above, Netscape 4X and above, AOL 5 and above, and Opera 5 and above and comes pre-installed with all Windows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Mac 0S 8.5, Mac 0S 9.X, and Mac OS X operating systems. Sadler & Company is committed to dynamic technological growth when it comes to security, and adheres to a strict privacy safeguard policy in order to protect your data from unauthorized access, theft, and alteration.

After collecting information necessary to the application process, we transmit the information you have provided to us to the appropriate entity by encrypted data communication or by direct fax. We do not generally keep credit card and bank ABA number data off-line after we have provided such data to the appropriate entity. We may ask you to verify certain of your data as part of our continuing security vigilance.

G. Related Information Collection

We do not use “cookies” (small text files stored by your browser in your computer’s browser cache) in the on-line application process. Instead, we use transactional processing during the session on the server-side.

H. Children

Sadler sites are not designed for use by children, as the business of insurance is generally not in the domain of children’s affairs. We do not:

  1. knowingly collect data about children unless they are a named person or beneficiary in an on-line application;
  2. knowingly collect data from children, nor do we use advertising or presentation styles designed to entice children to divulge any information about themselves for any reason;
  3. knowingly accept or store personally identifiable information submitted by children under eighteen; or
  4. market, promote, or respond to or communicate with site users known to us to be younger than eighteen.

I. Consent

By submitting an application for insurance via this web site, you consent to our collection and use of the information you disclose as described above.

J. Changes

Changes to our privacy policies will be posted on this page.